Barbie JigsawBarbie JigsawDrag the pieces into right position using mouse. You can choose one of four modes: easy, medium,...Dreamhouse Puzzle PartyDreamhouse Puzzle PartyParty time! Put together five puzzles and get a fun meme! Play again and again to get new puzzles...Barbie Puzzle CollectionsBarbie Puzzle CollectionsThere are seven pictures of Barbie in the game, put all the small pieces at the proper place and...Barbie and PonyBarbie and PonySort the tiles and complete the puzzles piece of these Barbie and Pony Puzzle.Barbie Fairy Secret Puzzle BookBarbie Fairy Secret Puzzle BookSelect image and start the jigsaw puzzle, complete all the leves. As fast as you finish the...Barbie MariposaBarbie MariposaHelp Barbie to finish your puzzle. With Barbie you will have a great time!Barbie of Swan Lake Puzzle ManiaBarbie of Swan Lake Puzzle ManiaFix the pieces exactly on the picture frame. User mouse to fix the pieces. Click on the piece to...Barbie and Pegasus PuzzleBarbie and Pegasus PuzzleDrag the pieces into right position using mouse. Watch out on time, if it runs out you will lose!...Barbie Princess PuzzleBarbie Princess PuzzleFinish Barbie princess puzzle in the quickest time possible!Barbie Princess Charm School PuzzleBarbie Princess Charm School PuzzleLook at picture carefully and then reconstruct it from scratch. Take each puzzle piece and place...Barbie PuzzleBarbie PuzzleCombine the all Puzzle Parts. If you want to rotate the part, click on it! Your time limited,...Barbie Puzzle for KidsBarbie Puzzle for KidsReady with the puzzle before the time runs out. You have to hurry up!Barbie Sports PuzzleBarbie Sports PuzzleComplete the barbie puzzle by combining all the puzzle parts on the right spot.Mermaid Barbie PuzzleMermaid Barbie PuzzleBarbie has turned herself into a mermaid but unfortunately the puzzle's pieces have scrambled....Barbie Singing PuzzleBarbie Singing PuzzleArrange the tiles to complete the beauty Barbie image.Barbie Beauty Contest PuzzleBarbie Beauty Contest PuzzleUse mouse to puzzle pieces to complete the Barbie picture. Barbie pictures should be completed in...Barbie Align ImageBarbie Align ImageArrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap the position of a piece, just click...Barbie Thumbelina PuzzleBarbie Thumbelina PuzzleIn this Barbie Puzzle game, you are using pieces from right to make the Barbies puzzle. Drag...Barbie Puzzle 2Barbie Puzzle 2You will have to arrange these pieces of puzzles to get Barbie's cute picture.Barbie Puzzle SetBarbie Puzzle SetUse mouse to puzzle pieces to complete the picture. Pictures should be completed in record time...Surfer Barbie PuzzleSurfer Barbie PuzzleFinish this Barbie princess puzzle in the quickest time possible!